Winterfest 2020
Model Contest Entry Form

  • Only one entry per model category. You may only enter three models total.
  • Structure entries may have a footprint no larger than 25 square inches.

Fill out the information below, click the "Print" button for each model to be entered and bring the printed copy to the show contest.

For each additional model to be entered, update the relevant information in the form and re-print with the new information.

Entry numbers are assigned as the models are placed into the contest display cabinet. Photo numbers are used when creating the awards presentation and slide show. Winners are selected by popular vote.

Due to space limitations in the display case, structure submissions cannot include "mini-scenes" and must be limited to the structure itself and a minimal base (25 square inches).

Please do not enter a model that you wish to run on the layout and do not enter any model that won 1st place in any prior year.

Registrant Information
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Model Description - for contest voting reference
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Structures Motive Power Rolling Stock Other

Receipt - present to claim your model
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Please plan to be at the display case on Sunday by 2:00 PM to pick up your model.

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