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Club Trailer FAQ

Q: What is the empty weight of the new trailer? A: Approximately 1,700 lbs.

Q: What is the estimated maximum weight of the load it might carry? A: Approximately 2,000 lbs (in addition to the trailer weight).

Q: What is the axle capacity of the trailer? A: 3,500 lbs, note that much of the weight of the trailer + load goes to the towing vehicle.

Q: What is the recommended tongue weight that should be maintained by proper load distribution? A: 2,500 pounds.

Q: What is the ball size of the hitch needed to connect to the trailer? A: 2 inches

Q: What type of electrical connector is needed to control the trailer lights? A: 4-Plug (see picture above).

Q: My module is heavy, may I store it in the club trailer? A: No.

Q: My module won't fit in my new Ferrari, can I store it in the club trailer? A: No.

Q: I was volunteered to tow the trailer to the next club show, may I store my module, underwear and record collection in the trailer? A: Yes, but if you are not towing it to the following show, all your personal junk must be cleared out by the end of the show to which you towed it. Otherwise it will be thrown out or confiscated (if you left some cool trains in it).

Q: Can the trailer be locked? A: Yes. The club has three keys that can open it. If you will be towing it, you must get one of the keys from George Michaels or Dan Pawling.

Q: Where is the trailer? A: Currently at George's house in Andover MA.

NOTE: During the shows please use the TRAILER LOCK that is stored in the trailer. The keys to this lock will come with the keys to the trailer itself.


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