About Northeast NTRAK:

Welcome to the Northeast N-TRAK web site.  We are a model railroad railroad club, founded in 1976, dedicated to the promotion of N-Scale modular railroading. Northeast N-Trak was founded by Fay Chin, (who remains a member) who has recently founded Northeast T-Trak. The other founders are Bob Foly, Larry Hough and Chuck Laman. This site also hosts information about Northeast T-TRAK and MaiNe Track, two other regional N Scale modular railroad clubs.

We met on the last weekend of January, 2020 at the Big E in West Springfield MA

Club Information:

See an NTRAK layout in action: a 120-car tank train running at a Northeast NTRAK event:


Northeast NTRAK also hosts Winterfest, an annual NTRAK convention held each year in conjunction with the Amherst Railway Society's "Big Railroad Hobby Show". Winterfest 2019 was a success! We look forward to seeing you this January for Winterfest 2020.


We also host some information for clubs we work closely with.

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For membership information, please send your email request to membership@nenscale.org, or click here for our Membership Application

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